About us

We are an organization that transforms environments.

We work without formulas. We believe in tailored made strategies in order to achieve sustainable actions today.

ALISOS is an organization created in 2010 committed to changing the current models of development to ensure a sustainable present and future.

We are in permanent search of new and better tools that motivate companies, public and private sector organizations and communities to design and execute transformational actions.

Our work is concentrated in Latin America, a region with a privileged natural, economic and human wealth that forces us to promote innovative and collaborative actions for sustainable development for the well-being of the planet.



In all the activities we develop, we promote respect for the environment, seeking to reduce our ecological footprint.


We respect difference of thought and cultural diversity. We promote dialogue and respect between different visions of well-being as a condition for generating agreements.

Democracy and Transparency

We work to strengthen the institutions that guarantee transparent processes and reduce asymmetries in society. We also encourage citizen participation and empowerment.


We consider the creation of alliances, the union of efforts and joint work between different sectors as a requirement for sustainability.

Our team

Anthropologist and political scientist with 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and social scientist, working on the challenge of inequality, climate change and sustainable practices. She was an advisor to the High Counseling for the Post-Conflict, Director of Avina and Director of CSR of the Editorial House El Tiempo.

Wendy Arenas

Alchemist of possibilities

Hernán Ávila

As a business administrator, in Alisos, more than working for the future, we live through the management of ideas made projects. As a business administrator, my job at Alisos is to coordinate for over than 8 years the administrative and financial processes with criteria of transparency and care for people, nature and financial resources.


Hernán Ávila

Resource conservation

As a biologist and microbiologist working for the protection of biodiversity, I seek the implementation of strategies that arise from dialogue in the territory, understanding it as a dynamic space composed by complex networks between humans and non-humans, to encourage care activities in the community, between species, with the environment. I have knowledge about public policy instruments for the fulfillment of environmental agendas and SDGs, experience in research and data analysis of biodiversity, scientific tourism, climate change and sustainable production systems.


Ana Malagón

Social biologist

Political scientist, passionate about environmental, social and economic sustainability. With my experience in the commercialization of cocoa and chocolate in Asian countries I have acquired negotiation skills, which nowadays allow me to moderate spaces of dialogue between countries, cultures, institutions and individuals. I am convinced of the power of communication and its potential to generate strategic alliances.


Lorena Gallo

Dialogue facilitator

Luis Felipe Correa

As an intern at Alisos and a student of Anthropology and Political Science at the Universidad de los Andes I am learning and helping to weave networks of intercultural trust, between institutions and local knowledge, to establish long-term alliances for a sustainable future for all.


Luis Felipe Correa

Assiduous apprentice

Thanks to my previous experience in International Cooperation, I contribute to the establishment of alliances with different actors in the country, while providing accountability of our initiatives. My goal is to transform realities, environments and create new opportunities in Colombia with a sustainable approach.


Natalia Amaya

Transformations and alliance manager

Mariana Jiménez

Agricultural Engineer, Master in Rural Development, with more than 20 years of experience in organizational planning; planning, management and environmental governance at national and international levels. Experience in the formation and coordination of teams committed to achieving shared objectives and results. Experience in the formulation, monitoring and evaluation of social and environmental projects, construction and analysis of indicators.


Wilford Rincón

Socio-environmental planner and manager

Patricia Arenas

I believe in the power of language and conversation as tools for social transformation. As a social psychologist and facilitator, I have had the opportunity at Alisos to put my experience at the service of multi-sectoral dialogues and meetings to build common visions and goals towards sustainability.


Patricia Arenas

Trust builder

I decided as a vehicle of service and to give purpose to my life to become an environmental engineer. Through my work I open paths in the midst of unknown until it becomes one of certainty that spark other human beings to action, thus influencing the environmental public policy of our country, in the restoration of our forests and the implementation of agroecological systems.


Mauricio Jiménez

Certainty sower

Alejandro Borda

Anthropologist and business administrator, lover of field experiences. In Alisos, I focused on the identification, construction and management of rural development opportunities with indigenous and peasant communities, in the strengthening of scientific and nature tourism, as well as sustainable agricultural projects.


Alejandro Borda

Cultural Explorer

Biologist with a master’s degree in Biodiversity Conservation. I seek to promote the appropriation of the territory in rural communities, through the strengthening and development of local capacities aimed at sustainable management, scientific research and biodiversity conservation.


Sylvana Urbina

Leader of regenerative productive landscapes

Board of directors

Anthropologist and political scientist with 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and social scientist, working on the challenge of inequality, climate change and sustainable practices. She was an advisor to the High Counseling for the Post-Conflict, Director of Avina and Director of CSR of the Editorial House El Tiempo

Wendy Arenas

Alchemist of possibilities

Rafael Rivas

Current President of Alisos. Rafael has a B.A. in Economics from Williams College (United States) and has studied in this area at Queen Mary College (London) and the Free University of Brussels (Belgium). He is also a PhD candidate in Political Economy and Government at Harvard University (United States). He is a founding partner of Ágora Corporate Consultants Ltda. and Economía Consultores.


Rafael Rivas

Economist – Founding partner Ágora

Margareth Flórez

Margareth is an architect and urban planner from the Federal University of Brazil and Master’s Degree and Specialist in Planning and Development from the University of the Andes – CIDER in Colombia. She is currently the Executive Director of RedAmérica. She coordinated and participated in various publications on social development issues and on several boards of directors of civil institutions and networks at the national and international level.


Margareth Flórez

Architect – Director of RedAmerica

Carlos Andrés Uribe

Carlos Andrés is a business administrator from the University of Louisiana (United States). He began his professional career at Atlantica Ltda. where he became the general manager. In 1988 he joined Cementos Diamante S.A., his family’s company, where he became the Vice President of the holding. In 1996 the Cementos Diamante group was sold to CEMEX. Today he is the owner of Ladrillera Santafé S.A.


Carlos Andrés Uribe

Business administrator – President of Ladrillera Santafé

Felipe Sánchez

Felipe is an artist, working in commerce and international logistics. He is the CEO of Cargomaster S.A., a company with offices in Medellin, Quito, Miami, Buenos Aires and Lima.


Felipe Sánchez

Artist – General Manager CargoMaster

Rafael Santos

Rafael is a journalist. He studied at the universities of Kansas and Stanford (United States). His first works were in The Miami Herald (United States) and then he moved to EL TIEMPO where he has had a long career including co-director of the newspaper. Today he is the rector of the Central University.


Rafael Santos

Journalist – Former rector of Universidad Central

Luis Felipe Andrade

Felipe is an architect from Universidad Piloto de Colombia and has studies in business administration, human resources and philosophy from Michigan State and Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He is the founder and General Manager of Estrategia Humana.


Luis Felipe Andrade

Architect – General Manager Human Strategy

Allies and Financiers

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  • Cecodes
  • Fundación Etnollano
  • Juan Valdez
  • DNP
  • PNUD
  • Espira
  • E3
  • Agriteam
  • Pactos Chinchiná
  • GIZ
  • Patrimonio Natural
  • Mineros S.A.
  • WRI
  • Embajada de los Países Bajos
  • NDI
  • WWF
  • South Pole
  • Fundación Moore
  • Fundación Ford
  • Fundación Avina
  • Ladrillera Santafe
  • Alcaldía de Manizales
  • IDH
  • Raising Awareness

Alliances and Coalitions


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