Tornus: a path for encounters of cultures and natures


The initiative seeks to consolidate a business model in ecotourism for the indigenous communities of the Eastern Amazon, with a view to establishing sustainable economic alternatives that benefit the communities while caring for the environment and their social, cultural and economic traditions. In particular, the project seeks to influence two Associations of Indigenous Traditional Authorities (AITA), ACTIVA and AATICAM, who, together with Alisos, are working on the participatory construction of these business models, based on the dialogue between technical support from experts and the traditional knowledge of the participating communities. The project also strengthens the organizational, legal and financial capacities of the communities to manage their own ecotourism businesses that contribute to the protection of the Amazon ecosystem and improve the living conditions of their inhabitants.

The pilot of this initiative in its initial phases will be funded by Pilar indígena de Visión Amazonia – PIVA.


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