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Tornus: an encounter between cultures and nature

Alisos, together with the associations of indigenous traditional authorities, ACTIVA and AATICAM, saw an opportunity in the consolidation of nature tourism as a sustainable economic alternative, to preserve the curative practices and management of ecosystemic balance that the indigenous communities of Vaupes have upheld for centuries.

Nature tourism has the potential to transcend the dynamics of the extractive activities that have exploited the Amazon’s natural and cultural wealth, to become a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. At the same time, it can generate benefits for the host communities, and open the possibility for visitors to get in contact with nature and with cultures that have maintained a distinct relationship with its ecosystem, honoring its cycles and processes. A relationship that is much needed given the current climate crisis. We support the co-construction of a Tourism Management Plan for indigenous nature tourism that promotes the protection of the territory, strengthens local organisations and generates benefits for the communities.

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