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International and regional cooperation for the Amazon

Alisos has developed public policy recommendations around contextual issues of national importance:

  1. Challenges and opportunities to advance the climate agenda in the agricultural and forestry sector in Latin America, within the framework of the Latin American Climate Platform.
  2. The Security Agenda for the Amazon: Challenges for water, energy and food security in the livestock production chain for the Colombian Amazon, in partnership with the Global Cannopy Program -GCP- and the Climate and Development Alliance -CDKN. Alisos worked the Colombian chapter.
  3. Opportunities to confront climate change in the Colombian Amazon, with the support of the Articulación Regional Amazónica, Fundo Sociambiental CASA and Fundo Vale.
  4. Current status (2015) of the Colombian Amazon, within the framework of the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network.


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