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Resolutions mining freezing for 10 years

Resolution 1518 of 2012 of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

The role of civil society in the construction or improvement of public policies is decisive in our society because of the multiplicity of actors and interests. Alisos advised the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development through the document “Application of the Precautionary Principle for mining in the Colombian Amazon”. The Resolution proposes the suspension of the lifting of the forest reserve until the organization of the territory, defined by the Second Law, is carried out.

Resolution 0006 and 0045 of 2012 of the National Mining Agency

As a principle of precaution and protection of the Colombian Amazon, Alisos and Gaia Amazonas prepared a technical document “Justification for the Establishment of Reserve Zones for National Security Reasons in the Colombian Amazon”, which serves as the basis for the moratorium on mining in the Amazon region.


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